Paper-based vinyl wallpaper

Article В34,4; В39,4; В53,4; В54,4; В58,4; В47,4

Roll size 0,53*10,05; 5,33m2. 1,06*10,05; 10,65 m2


The primary purpose of room renovation and creation of an artist-built interior is fostering of comfortable environment at home. Comfort collection by Slovyanski Shpalery is designed to meet the requirements even of the most exacting customers with cultivated taste. The collection combines different artistic styles and elements from various art movements and thus grants free play to your fancy, making it easy to implement daring creative concepts. Our website offers a wide selection of wallpapers from this collection, so you have many options to transform your interiors. Surface textures imitating fabric, tiles, decorative plaster create a vibrant and one-of-a-kind look and contribute to a cozy, sweet and warm environment.