70 years on the wallpaper market
The largest factory in Europe
Modern equipment, the latest technology, high quality raw materials
Presented in the markets of more than 25 countries

JSC Slovyanski Shpalery – KFTP is one of the largest wallpaper factories in Europe, which produces goods under trademark “Slovyanski Shpalery”. High-quality environmentally friendly and incredibly beautiful wallpaper has gained the lead not only in the Ukrainian market, but in the markets of Asia, CIS, East Europe and USA.

70 years is a great age for an industrial enterprise. It already has its own history, an eventful life, sound experience, developed traditions which reflect character of several generations of plant workers.

Decades of experience allowed the company staff to become real experts in wallpaper manufacture and sale. The goods are produced using cutting-edge solutions and state-of-the-art equipment. The deep-laid manufacturing process includes several stages, and a thorough quality check is performed on each stage. Only high-quality certified raw materials are used to produce wallpaper by Slovyanski Shpalery.

Implementation of state-of-the-art purification equipment makes it possible to eliminate harmful emissions into the environment.

To increase dispatch efficiency all warehousing facilities were reconditioned, a European warehousing and standardization system was implemented.

Every day young talented designers work at new patterns in a specially equipped studio.

During the development of JSC Slovyanski Shpalery - KFTP best endeavors were used to provide the company’s leadership in the global markets.

At the moment the company has a powerful dealer network in 25 countries of the world. A number of countries, in which Slovyanski Shpalery TM products are sold, is increasing every year. The enterprise actively participates in wallpaper exhibitions all over the world: in Germany, Shanghai, Beijing, Uzbekistan.

JSC Slovyanski Shpalery - KFTP produces over 10 wallpaper types ranging from economy (paper, duplex, acrylic coated wallpaper) to premium wallpaper brands (vinyl, non-woven, hot embossed wallpaper). Surface structure, colour, materials used, patterns, each detail can add different effects to your walls, create comfortable environment and an unparalleled stylish interior.

Success is not conceivable without constant development and improvement. Onward progress is life, as only moving forward one can achieve determined goals.