VIP Class

Non-woven based vinyl wallpaper

Article В109; В99; В97

Roll size 1,06*10,05; 10,65 m2.


VIP Class Collection includes a wide array of interesting colour solutions and designs. Diverse patterns, surface textures, ornamental motives are real eye-catchers, and the variety of the offered solutions can satisfy the most demanding and picky taste.

What will you choose: beautiful dainty flowers or a fine and simple print, a large and fanciful pattern or an elegant and practically invisible ornament? You can make choices between chastity and sophistication, exquisite severity and untamable dynamics, dazzling subtleness and brave luxury depending on your taste and the purpose of the room.

Some patterns are a perfect solution for a living room, some of them are a great match to a sleeping room, other ones will become a stylish enrichment of an office.

A harmonic combination of wallpaper, furniture and decorative elements allows you to easily create a trendy modern interior, which will leave your guests speechless and be a visual treat for everyone.