Comfort +

Paper-based vinyl wallpaper

Article В40,4; В41,4.

Roll size 0,53*15,05; 7,95m2.


Comfort plus wallpapers by Slovyanski Shpalery carry on and promote an idea of our Comfort collection, the bottom line of which is to create a cozy, sweet and warm environment with minimum fuss. High quality, rich choice and affordable price combined with greatest possible comfort of use — these are main reasons of this wallpaper being so popular among customers – not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

Wallpapers from comfort plus collection are the best choice if you have decided to give your room or office a new look. Wallpaper patterns are just meant for getting creative and playing around with designs!

The catalogue of this collection contains designs suitable for severe monochrome room finishing which will be a perfect solution for an office. Monochrome wallpaper makes it possible to make three-dimensionality of vinyl surface even more prominent. Contemporary furniture will be a perfect match for this solution, so a correct choice of a finishing material is crucial to create a harmonic and individual interior. Buying products of Slovyanski Shpalery, you get a great opportunity to add a touch of contemporary style to your rooms and bring your perfect taste into focus.