Paper-based washable vinyl wallpaper

Article B36;B38;B46,4;В49,4

Roll size: 0,53*10,05; 5,33m2; 1,06*10,05; 10.65m2


Expromt collection by Slovyanski Shpalery represents paper-based vinyl wallpaper with a consumer appeal and properties, which make this wallpaper an optimal choice for a kitchen.

Kitchen interiors are always subject to especially strict requirements. This is the place where all housemates share a table to have breakfast, lunch or dinner, to discuss latest news or just to have a heart-to-heart talk. Moreover, for those who are keen on cooking kitchen is a workplace, which should be cozy and comfortable. That’s why a kitchen interior should delight the eye, give rise to good vibes and create good mood.

On the other hand, kitchen is a place with high air humidity, constant temperature differences and drafts. Walls of this room require special protection, so you have to be especially scrupulous about wallpaper choice. It should be resistant to abrasion and wear and thick enough, because protection of the walls depends on its quality. Functionality is not a mere word for this type of finishing material. Expromt wallpapers can boast of all these properties.